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Dateline investigation - "In Pursuit of the Almighty Dollar" (2004)

'Pyramid schemes': Illegitimate businesses that enrich themselves not from product sales but off of their own salesmen/women. They attract people with promises of easy money and keep them through cult-like tactics.

What are cult-like tactics?

- Increase separation of target with family through constant meetings until a wedge is formed between family and cult ("trust us -- they don't understand you like we do")

- Total obedience and trust in hierarchical structure -- emotions based conditioning ("this is the BEST way, it is the ONLY way... Listen to what this guy has to say, he is the leader, he is a success, and he KNOWS what he's talking about. Everyone that listens to him and does exactly what he says will succeed").

- Condition followers to express hostility toward ANY criticism

- Greater monetary demands over time (fees, donations)

- Constant, repetitive slogans in

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