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US marine about Iraqis: "They have every right to be mad"


AMY GOODMAN: Welcome to Democracy Now!.

STAFF SERGEANT JIMMY MASSEY: Good morning. How you are doing?

AMY GOODMAN: Very good. Can you talk about when you were in Iraq?

STAFF SERGEANT JIMMY MASSEY: Yeah. I was part of the initial invading
force. I was part of first marine division categorized into RCP-7. The
battalion that I was with was third battalion seventh marines, weapons
company cap 1. I was basically in the main invasion all the way up into
Baghdad, and then once Baghdad fell, my battalion headed south towards
the city of Karbala.

AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about your experience there?

STAFF SERGEANT JIMMY MASSEY: Really, what led up to my disgust with the
war was the civilian casualties that we were inflicting. We were given
intelligence reports—the civilian casualties really started taking place
after we left the town of Anu Mannia on

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