Givi comments situation about Motorola and UAF commander. 14/12/14

Givi comments situation about Motorola and UAF commander. -- Motorola meeting UAF commadner Kupol -- UA troops reaction

I guess it's necessary to explain the situation a bit, Arsen aka Motorola, as a symbol of the NAF, of fighting, was used by the Surkov's minions (Surkov is de facto still in charge of work about Novrossia in RF government, his point is to make Novorossia join Ukraine back, weaken or eliminate militia as such, keeping only loyal Akhmetov's men, for example he is responsible for situation when Strelkov had to leave Novorossia in exchange for humanitarian supplies for RF), he, being injured, was summoned by high comamnd to meet the UAF troops at the airport commander, now there's certain PR campaign against Motorola launched by Khodakovsky, who is Akhmetov's-Surkov's man, like "Motorola is traitor, shook hands with UA commander blahblahblah, look at Khodakovsky he's fighting", to incite a stronger split to the militia, discredit commanders who aren't loyal to Akhemtov-Surkov's minions.

They already attempted the same with Mozgovoi, Strelkov, Slavyansk brigade, because they aren't controlled by Surkov. While both operations Khodakovsky was in charge off turned into complete fails and highest losses NAF ever had in one fight.

So realizing it, Givi gave an interview to help his friend and militia integrity in general