Sub Terra Explorartion pics

Our intrepid Sub Terra Ninja Explorers par excellence 'Jon Doe' 'St00p' and 'dsankt' venture into the bowels of the earth 90 feet below Niagara River and behind the great Falls....

00:01 Starts of with a schematic of the power station with the Niagara river on top with the large pipes that drop the water about 90 feet to the bottom of the penstocks where the force generated spins massive turbines which travel the height of the shafts spinning the generators at the top. The lads needed to get down to the wheelhouse pit at the bottom of the shaft which last spun in earnest some decades ago. Since then only the absolute minimum of maintenance had been done and the place was being demolished from the top down by workmen with the bottom being eating away at the bedrock by the action of the water falling over the Falls which will eventually reclaim the wheelhouse

Their prize was to get into the massive Tailrace tunnels where the vast quantities of water that was needed was expelled being robbed of most of it's energy. These massive brick lined tunnels directed the spent water out into the Falls from behind and further down the river too. When in full flow they would have been like Hades itself being down there.

Where the pipes joined was called Confluence...

00:06 The pipes bringing the water was taken from the river about a mile upstream from the Falls and were just below the surface, in places just 10 feet below the top soil. These pipes were massive civil engineering undertakings in their own right considering it was the early 1900's.

00:20 The next picture is of the men building the outlet portals using massive granite blocks - and little in the way of lifting equipment. They are dressed in weatherproof sealskins to protect them from the elements.
00:25 The completed pipe is shown before being buried in soil.

00:31 pipes take a downward path

00:35 penstocks to drop the compressed water down some 90 feet

00:45 Our hero's; Sub Terra Ninjas Jon Doe, St00p and dsankt pose for a group pic half way down before the descend into the decrepit wheelhouse far below and into the belly of Niagara Falls - the Super Villains Hideout where only a few have trodden (A Big Up to 'Siologen', 'Kowalski' and 'teh otter' who also have their also earned their uniform badges)
00:55 The powerhouse is in the process of demolition and is empty other than for a couple of dozen workmen with jackhammers and a few security guards who usually stay in the guard house. If caught they usually give the bewildered British; 'Gee, I'm sorry, I did not know I shouldn't be in here'01:00 down and down, the flooded areas beckon with punji stick like metal equipment and gear wheels just below the surface waiting to spear the unwary visitor...

01:05 decades of moisture has eaten away at the metal floors which makes descending perilous but they have to abseil down still further...

01:15 suddenly they emerge into a redbrick lined massive tunnel - The Tailrace Tunnels - The Super Villains Hideout...

01:21 a picture of the men building this mega structure in 1906 for the Toronto Power Plant. They built these tunnels 30 high in places using only hand held tools. Acetylene lighting was just being introduced but much of the work was done by candle power - millions of them. The edges of the tunnels were lined with shaped granite blocks to resist water erosion.

01:25 Confluence. When in operation these tunnels would have been half full with raging torrents of water needing to be expelled out into the Falls.

01:42 Sub Terra Ninja Jon Doe strikes a pose in the Tailrace - as you do. The metal fastenings hanging from the roof held a suspended walkway which workers would bravely walk along when the tunnels were full of raging turbulent waters which if you fell in meant certain death as you'd be hurled along in the maelstrom and unceremoniously thrown into the boiling froth at the bottom of the Falls. Their bodies or what was left would show up about two weeks later a few miles down river...

01:45 The Prize for the Sub Terra Explorers - The Wheel-pit that housed the bottom of the massive turbines. Slowly but surely the water from the back and bottom of the Falls is eating into this area and it's just a matter of time before the river claims it back.

01:51 shining their lights into the bottom of the 90 foot high penstock tubes - a scary place to be...01:55 one for The Album

02:00 walking tentatively towards the back of the Falls - the noise is like Hades itself
02:16 The Falls lies ahead. Rock pools of water form large pools which every now and then give way with sudden movements of the ground deep below the surface. An uncontrolled collapse would carry our intrepid explorers out into the Falls....
02:35 go no further - or else....

02:42 I'll let our hero dsankt speak for himself as he stood in this spot (to take the picture)

"Moving downstream large sections of the ceiling littered the tunnel floor as shards of brick and mortar. This ominous sign concerned us until we saw the falls and any risk of anything collapsing on our heads was forgotten. The coloured spotlights used to illuminate the falls for the tourist shone through the thick waterfall in a mesmerising rainbow like display. Over the years the mouth of the tunnel has filled with eroded rock creating a picturesque lake the end of the tunnel. A kaleidoscope of colours danced across its surface and the sirens beckoned. We could only oblige. The chilly water crept slowly up our bodies as we inched along the very edge of the tunnel probing with our toes for any sudden drops. The roar grew louder and filled our ears as the falls loomed ominously above us.
From the nipple-deep lake we scrambled onto the pile of rocks and rubble at the tunnel mouth.

I stood tall in the maelstrom of water and wind like a fucking Kung Fu master weathering the storm upon the mountain top. I was Pei Mei. I was Milamber of the Assembly.

The water pelted me from all sides stinging my naked torso. Gusts of furious wind battered me to and fro inside this elemental cauldron. I yelled in unashamed triumph from the depths of my chest for every drop of Niagara's sweet bukkake that stung my face and trickled down my cheeks".

St00p returned to the rock pile to get some extra footage when something began to collapse at the falls and the sound of crashing rocks filled the tunnel. St00p frantically scrambled down the rock pile and leapt into the water. If the rock wall collapsed all the water backed up in the tunnel would suck us over the falls. JD and St00p pushed valiantly through the water making little progress. It appeared to be composed of molasses they moved so slowly. They were pale faced and exhausted; shivering, shaking and breathing hard. The rumbling stopped and once again the sound of the water alone filled the tunnel".

(what a wordsmith!)

credit to, 'dsankt' and of course 'Jon Doe', 'St00p', 'teh otter', 'Siologen' and 'Kowalski' - Ninjas of the Highest Order - we salute you!

(since I put these pics together I've added another three so the timings are off slightly - take no notice, flow with it - feel the depth instead)

sorry about the amount of reading but if your interested in things Sub Terra as always the details are in the details.