Crashed Spitfires Browning MachineGun Fires Again After 70 Years InThe Ground.

first film is of the Irish army firing the recovered browning the second is of the recovery dig at the spitfire crash site

June 28th, 2011. Johnny McNee leads a team to recover the remains of a Royal Air Force, Supermarine Spitfire Mk. II, which crashed in the hills of Moneydarragh, Inishowen during November 1941. With the help of the Irish Army, they recovered six Browning Machine guns, with one thousand bullets.this dig lasted for the whole weekend . The BBC was also there too. They were filming for a new program that will be on called Dig WWII. Dan Snow is the Historian on the show, and they will be all over Europe looking for old wrecks from WWII.

November 1941, Roland 'Bud' Wolfe crash landed in, Co. Donegal. His plane's coolant overheated during a patrol mission just north of the Inishowen peninsula. Trying to return to RAF Eglinton, he had no choice but to bail out of his Spitfire, as he was losing altitude. His plane crashed in the heather covered area of Moneydarragh, Gleneely. He was arrested and sent to Curragh detention prison, where he spent two years. He was then released and went on to serve the 'Eagles' once again. His Spitfire was recovered on the 28, June 2011 by aviation historian Johnny McNee, along with others. The recovery was filmed, and will be made into a documentary for the