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(Canada) Terror Suspect Charged with Child Pornography

Authorities have investigated him for terrorist connections and labelled him a pedophile and, although a court hasn't determined his guilt or innocence, he says those stigmas have already ruined his life.

If Canada's spy service is correct, Mejid, a 45-year-old Muslim leader and Brampton father of three, once lived a double life as Abu Banan, an online Islamist propagandist preaching hatred against the West.

If Toronto police prove their case, Mejid is guilty of possessing child pornography they allege he downloaded.

But his lawyers claim that Mejid, a Canadian citizen from Kirkuk in Iraq, is instead a victim of dirty spy tactics in retribution for his refusal to work as an informant for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

He alleged in an interview with the Toronto Star that the last time he spoke to a CSIS agent he was told, "This is your last chance to work with


Added: Mar-31-2009 
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