Migrant party in Murmansk? 18 in hospital 33 in Jail !!!

Migrants from the Middle East in one of the nightclubs in the Murmansk region began to harass girls. They too late realize that they are not in the EU.

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Murmansk law enforcement office do not want comment on this matter to much so all questions are answered by phrase that there was a " mass brawl and harm including health of large groups of migrants". However, the local users of social networking are happy to share the details of the event.

Earlier, media reported that Norway for "bad behavior" deported back to Russia group of 50 migrants who allegedly came to Norway from Russian territory.

After returning to Russia, the refugees decided to have fun at a local nightclub "Gandvik" and they forgot that they are no longer in Norwegian, they started "to have a little fun with the girls".

The problem was that in the region of Murmansk tolerance towards migrants is not so high as in the good old, "enlightened Europe".

From local comments on social networks, it seems that the migrants after their "Ape like behavior" have trying to hide even on private homes, after local guys decided to "educate" them.

If the police did not come, it would be turned out really bad with them, especially considering the cold weather, which is now in Murmansk.

Police squad arrived, and tried to calm the hotheads and pacify the battle and and also prevent the lynching of migrants.
The locals, however, argue that even the police do not have much tolerance towards migrants and their behaviour which resulted to significant contribution to the result that 18 migrants ended up in the hospital and 33 at the district police department!




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