Zionism Poisoning - Alexander Litvinenko & Yasser Arafat - Polonium-210

Zionists Evangelists Obsessed with Messianic Judaism

They will do whatever it takes to bring about the Moshiach "Messiah", assassinations, blackmail and a nuclear holocaust with Iran.

No doubt Israeli military intelligence services played a role in assassinations of both these men. Litvinenko was probably a test run, doing the British/Americans a favour, helping in the PR effort to demonise Russia. Hence the Anglo-Americans turn a blind eye to Israeli illegal settlements in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.


Blackmailing Russia in a quid pro quo and disposing of Arafat to create internal feuds. That's the Zionists evangelists obsessed with messianic Judaism, from Lord Palmerston, Shaftesbury, Balfour and the Sykes–Picot Agreement, the modern day Bush and Blair illegal Iraq war invasion agreement. All have demonstrated fanaticism the evangelical Zionists and their obsession with messianic Judaism,

Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned with polonium, tests show

Alexander Litvinenko & Yasser Arafat

Polonium cannot be detected using conventional hospital radiation detectors. Because Hospitals only have equipment to detect gamma rays. Polonium-210 emits only alpha particles that do not penetrate even a sheet of paper or the epidermis of human skin. Alpha-emitting substance can cause significant damage only if ingested or inhaled, acting on living cells like a short-range weapon. Litvinenko was tested for alpha-emitters using special equipment only hours before his death.

Litvinenko had significant amounts of the radionuclide polonium-210 (210Po) in his body. British and US government sources both said the use of 210Po as a poison had never been documented before, and this was probably the first time a person has been tested for the presence of 210Po in his or her body. The poison was in Litvinenko's teacup; which he had just drunk tea out of. People who had contact with Litvinenko may also have been exposed to radiation.

The first forensic tests on samples taken from Yasser Arafat's corpse have shown unexpectedly high levels of radioactive polonium-210, suggesting the Palestinian leader could have been poisoned with the rare and lethal substance.

The Swiss scientists who tested Arafat's remains after the exhumation of his body in November 2012 discovered levels of polonium at least 18 times higher than usual in Arafat's ribs, pelvis and in soil that absorbed his bodily fluids.

David Barclay, a British forensic scientist who had studied the report, told al-Jazeera: "The report contains strong evidence, in my view conclusive evidence, that there's at least 18 times the level of polonium in Arafat's exhumed body than there should be."

He said the report represented "a smoking gun". Barclay said: "It's what killed him. Now we need to find out who was holding the gun at that time," adding: "I would point to him being given a fatal dose. I don't think there's any doubt at all."

The Israeli government, however, dismissed the report. "The Swiss findings are not conclusive," said Yigal Palmor, a foreign ministry spokesman.