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Zionism Poisoning - Alexander Litvinenko & Yasser Arafat - Polonium-210

Zionists Evangelists Obsessed with Messianic Judaism

They will do whatever it takes to bring about the Moshiach "Messiah", assassinations, blackmail and a nuclear holocaust with Iran.

No doubt Israeli military intelligence services played a role in assassinations of both these men. Litvinenko was probably a test run, doing the British/Americans a favour, helping in the PR effort to demonise Russia. Hence the Anglo-Americans turn a blind eye to Israeli illegal settlements in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.

- poisoning

Blackmailing Russia in a quid pro quo and disposing of Arafat to create internal feuds. That's the Zionists evangelists obsessed with messianic Judaism, from Lord Palmerston, Shaftesbury, Balfour and the Sykes–Picot Agreement, the modern day Bush and Blair illegal Iraq war invasion agreement. All have demonstrated

Added: Nov-11-2015 
By: TruthJusticePeace
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