I'ts confirmed dozens goat fuckers Wahhabis mercenaries killed in Yemen by Ballistic Missile

Yemen's Houthis carried out a rocket attack on Saudi-led coalition forces stationed at the Al Anad air base in the Lahij governorate, killing and injuring dozens of service personnel, a Yemeni military source told Sputnik on Sunday.

"Ambulances took those killed and injured to Al Houta and Aden. Most of those killed were Yemenis newly conscripted into the army and Sudanese servicemen belonging to coalition forces, their positions were hit directly," the source said.

The Al Anad air base, which contains an airport and Yemen's largest training camp, is currently controlled by forces loyal to fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi after being captured from Houthis in August 2015.

The air base was struck by a Tochka tactical ballistic missile, the source said, adding that coalition forces' military equipment suffered significant damage as a result of the attack.

Yemen's southern Lahij governorate borders on the Taiz governorate, which has seen intense fighting between Houthis and pro-Hadi forces over recent months.

Yemen has been engulfed in a military conflict between the Pro-Hadi forces and Ansarullah movement, also known as Houthis. Since late March, a Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out airstrikes against Houthi positions at the request of Hadi.


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