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In Belarus, the freedom of the internet is at stake

Europe's last dictatorship is clamping down on online activism, with a new law effectively requiring everyone to be a state spy.

Belarusian soldiers

As of this morning, the internet in Belarus got smaller. A
draconian new law is in force that allows the authorities to prosecute
internet cafes if their users visit any foreign sites without being
"monitored" by the owner. All commercial activity online is now illegal
unless conducted via a .by (Belarusian) domain name, making Amazon and
eBay's operations against the law unless they collaborate with the
regime's censorship and register there.

The law effectively implements
the privatisation of state censorship: everyone is required to be a
state spy. Belarusians who allow friends to use their internet
connection at home will be responsible for the sites they visit.

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