The Malmö Experiment - A Story About Madness


"I have realised that there is no innocence left in Malmö. When
politicians calmly watch teenagers kill each other with guns, there is
as little humanity in the corridors of local political offices as in the
ghettos. It’s just gone.

There is even less humanity amongst
the top politicians in the national government, who, despite these
killings, refuse to discuss them or get to the root of the problems. So
far, the entire weight of the problem has been pushed upon the local
police force, and discussion has been avoided. One of Malmö’s local top
decision-makers, Ilmar Reepalu, is ‘frustrated with the situation’.
Since little has happened in Malmö during the writing of this, I assume
he is still busy with being ‘frustrated’. He still blames the government
in Stockholm, in that they ‘have failed to provide sensible gun-laws
and do not even dare to set foot in Malmö’. The actual PM of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, instead blames Malmö’s local policy-makers, saying they ‘are just trying to blame us’.

does Sweden even have a Prime Minister, if his sole action is to point
out the obvious? Instead of dealing with the actual issues the
population faces, the establishment sticks its head in the sand and
orders its PR agents to resort to a pathetic blame-game. The PM did not
even set foot in Malmö in the aftermath of these events (Well, he was
driven around with a police-escort in May this year). Even more
disturbing, during a popular televised debate in January about Malmö and
the murdered 15-year old, no politicians (!) showed up despite being invited.
There was simply nothing they could say to defend the situation, and
they knew it. The one exception was a member of the anti-immigration
party, the Sweden Democrats. This person was, of course, a ‘racist’ and a
‘fascist’, and was treated accordingly. He was constantly dismissed,
ignored and cut short by the tv-show host herself. When she sneered and
made fun out of the politician, who could not respond, the entire,
brain-washed debate crowd cheered and clapped their hands. Clapping
hands for their own destruction, that is.

Roses, Riots and Dying Institutions

to the killings, a steady stream of riots have taken place in Malmö the
last few years. They amount to such a high number that it is pointless
to start counting them here. Malmö has several ‘worse areas’, of which
Rosengård (Rose Garden) is the perhaps most famous — and for very tragic
reasons. In Rosengård, about 111 different ethnic groups are
represented, and Swedes make up a rapidly disappearing group. According
to Malmö’s own website, ‘the same number of people who constantly move
into the area constantly move out’. This area has seen riots which are
not much less dramatic than the ones seen in Paris in 2005 or in London
more recently. A frequent reality for the Malmö police (in addition to
assassinations), is burning cars, burning schools, rocks thrown at
police officers and at innocent people. In other words it is a warlike,
hostile situation, caused by young people in some specific suburbs. The
police force is scared to death of Rosengård. They know very well that
the youths there more or less have declared open war against Swedish

The establishment has invested a lot of funds into the
schools of Rosengård. They view them as the ‘School of the Future’.
Three teachers who did not share the establishment’s vision for these
schools had to quit their jobs. They told of an environment of constant
harassment and fire alarms. The truth is that the schools in Rosengård
are infamous for their bad results. They are also constantly looking for
new teachers, as those who work there are forced to quit due to fear
and harassment by the pupils. The kids in Rosengård obviously do not
like the schools offered to them by Swedish society. This has also
become evident in several riots in Rosengård which took place in 2009
and 2010, where, amongst other buildings, schools were set on fire.

local fire department has changed its policies due to the changing
reality in Malmö. In the past its staff would head directly to an
emergency. This had to change, as fire-fighters now are attacked by
youths who throw stones at them and their vehicles. If the fire-fighters
need to head to some of the ‘worse’ areas of Malmö, they now have to
co-organise with the police during an emergency to ensure they have a
secure police escort. Last month several vehicles and a house were set
on fire during another riot in Rosengård. The police sent ten police
patrols to the area. When they arrived and were trying to help the
fire-fighters, they were welcomed with a rain of stone blocks thrown at
them by the city’s youths.

One evidently risks nothing less but
one’s life when setting foot in some parts of Malmö at the wrong time. A
frustrated young person who was present during a riot was interviewed.
He simply said that ‘I just want the government to f***ing do something
about the situation’. Whilst I am not saying rioting is acceptable, I
understand his frustration of how society has given up on everyone. The
politicians all love people like him — As long as he gives them a vote.
More importantly, as long as they don’t have to set their feet in his area or have their children robbed and ‘enriched’ by his friends."

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