Occupy DC, Planned Parenthoood protest Romney Fundraiser

On the evening of December 14, GOP Presidential candidate and former one-term Massachusetts governor Mitt Romeny had a fundraiser, plates from $100 to $10,000. The event was foolishly held at the Lincoln restaurant, just three blocks from Occupy DC's campsite at McPherson Square.

Both Occupy DC and Planned Parenthood showed up to protest, with Planned Parenthood displaying "women are watching" signs. One sign even said "don't take away my birth control! The two groups worked well together, and attendees/donors to Mitt Romney had to run the usual gauntlet line of protesters.

There was an unusually heavy police presence compared to the usual Occupy DC protests. I did NOT see Secret Service, only MPD, it is unclear if Mitt Romney even showed up for his own fundraiser. The police probably had the mission of preventing Occupy DC from either storming the restaurant or blocking the doors from opening with a contact-range sit-in, the tactic used so sucessfully against the Koch-funded "Defending the American Dream" summit back on on November 4.