Another Mass Grave Found in Donetsk Republic Novorossia

DONETSK, September 28. /ITAR-TASS/. Militias in the Donetsk People’s
Republic (DPR) have found another burial site near Donetsk, DPR First
Vice-Premier Andrei Purgin said on Sunday.

The mass grave was found near the village of Nizhnyaya Krynka where a
battalion of the Ukrainian National Guard had been stationed two weeks
ago. “Another burial site has been discovered. It is located near the
village of Nizhnyaya Krynka. Exhumation will help establish how many
bodies are there and how these people died,” Purgin said.

This is not the first mass grave discovered by the Donetsk
self-defense fighters on the territory earlier controlled by the
Ukrainian troops, Purgin said. Mass graves found on Ukrainian National
Guard positions in eastern Ukraine.

Other mass burials

On September 23, reports came that Ukrainian people’s militia found
mass burials in the area of mine No 22 “Kommunar” outside Donetsk in
eastern Ukraine. Medical examiners made a conclusion that the bodies
found in one of the graves were killed by point-blank shots in the
This area was previously controlled by the Ukrainian security forces
and fighters of the Aidar battalion of the National Guard. The whole
area will be examined. The militia say they found other graves that have
not been opened up.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry believes the mass burial of civilians near
Donetsk is a military crime that could have been committed by Ukraine’s
National Guard, and insists on an urgent and comprehensive international
probe into the case. Kiev has rejected the claims.