James Foley Beheading Faked ?

Before you all start commenting based on your emotions hear this out. I've come across this comment from a fellow Reddit user and thought I'd share.

1) Zero fear and zero emotion on the part of the victim and the aggressor. He doesn't look or sound like he's about to get a knife zigzagging through his esophagus. When he "blames" his brother, there's zero emotion. No way anyone would be able to just read those lines so casually. At 3:00, when he says "I died that day John", with the pauses and everything... he sounds more like an actor trying hard to persuade the viewer rather than someone who is speaking their last words to their family. Watch it and think about it. And the british gentleman terrorist is coming across like they're on the 7th take of this video. No allah akbar. No highly charged vocal timber, which is 100% the norm in all other beheadings ive seen since Nick Berg.

2) Incredible sound engineering: Both the victim and the gentleman terrorist are miked, and the sound is really well produced. This is professional audio engineering. No other video out of syria and iraq comes near the video/audio quality of this vid. And there are a LOT of videos coming out of Syria and Iraq.

3) No other terrorists around? If there were others around, as is ALWAYS the case in beheading videos, they would be all be shouting "Allahu Akbar" the SECOND the knife touched the throat. Notice the dead silence, which to me implies that they're alone, which to me implies that there is no fucking way he wouldn't fight the gentleman terrorist with small knife. (small by beheading standards).

3) Where's the blood? Not only is there no blood after 6 or 7 saws against the neck when blood almost ALWAYS gushes immediately after 1-2 saws. Also, in the final shot, the blood on the ground is a mere trickle compared to the giant 3-foot in diameter pool of blood almost ALWAYS visible around the gaping neckwound. Another thing: At the very end, when the gentleman terrorist is showing off the next victim, his hands are perfectly clean, like he just got back from a manicure. No blood from the beheading he presumably just performed.

5) They leave out the best part??? The most terrifying part of a beheading video is the part completely left out of this video. I know why. Because it's also the hardest part to fake. And this video is 100% fake. Fake fake fake. And, in comparison to the many dozens of videos Ive seen since Nick Berg, is wildly different from all of them.

So what happened to James Foley? First of all, there is no more James Foley. There is one of three possible scenarios:

1) He has joined the deep ranks of the CIA. Black Ops. Men In Black kinda shit. Like Tommy Lee Jones sitting Will Smith down on a park bench and telling him that he's going to disappear. No more family or friends or anything. He's been reporting from the middle east for years and has been kidnapped before. He probably knows a lot about them. So the CIA made him an offer. First make this video so we can go back and blow Iraq up again, but we need you so you're life is over.

2) Same scenario as #1 but with Mossad.

3) He's become one of them. He's been embedded there so long, and has spent enough time with them for him to hate the US, and feel sympathy for his captors. And his captors know that he can help them. So they're keeping him alive, but "killing him off" with this fake propoganda vid.

Or maybe it's something else. But I'll tell you this for sure: his head is firmly attached to his body. No doubts whatsoever.