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nascar or f1

hey there neothinker iu am etienne from holland
first you have to excuse my englisch because it aint to great sorry for that but i think you wel get mt drift

what you are saying about nascar and f1 is complyt
treu f1 is about one and a half hour up untill two hours of race evry two weeks
and coorect me if i am wrong nascar is evry week
so they race better more and longer then f1
and the f1 got so many restrictions that the fun is draining away from it
in nascar you can ducktape your fenders for example evrything is done to ride the intire race
in f1 a spin or out of gas is most of the times race over
what i am trying to say is f1 is for kids
nascar for grown ups
the best example i can give is that there is never been a driver who made the switch from f1 to nascar
but i have seen 1 or 2 guys who drived nascar stepped over 2 f1 i think that sats it alll
f1 i


Added: May-1-2008 
By: snikkel
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