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A Duke Professor Explains What the Health Care Bill Actually Says

Transcript from today's Rush Limbaugh Show...I know I know, the Libtards wont be able to get over the fact that the letters R-U-S-H are contained within this post and thus will not respond to the content of the Professors analysis but rather to the letters R-U-S-H. It's a kin to having a racist dog, the dog sees a black man and for no reason goes nuts much like a Liberal sees the letters R-U-S-H and losses it.

Anyway, for the intelligent minds who look to perspective and analysis in these matters, an interesting read by a Professor from Duke who read HR 3200 and answered some simple questions he had about the Bill.



RUSH: Now, what I have here is very long. I cannot read the entire thing. But there are summaries that I can read. This is a piece entitled, "What the Health Care Bill Actually Says," a


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