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10 Lessons for Tea Baggers

Crooks and Liars
Tuesday September 15, 2009 08:00 am
10 Lessons for Tea Baggers
By Jon Perr

Back in April, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart offered some sound advice for frothing at the mouth Tea Baggers, "I think you might be confusing tyranny with losing." Now five months after their Tax Day outburst, thousands of vein-popping Obama opponents descended Saturday on Washington for Tea Party II. But while Glenn Beck's furious followers alternately slandered the President as a "fascist," a "communist" and worse, they remained unencumbered by either the thought process - or the truth.

Here, then, are 10 Lessons for Tea Baggers:

1.President Obama Cut Your Taxes
2.The Stimulus is Working
3.First Ronald Reagan Tripled the National Debt...
4....Then George W. Bush Doubled It Again
5.Republican States Have the Worst Health Care
6.Medicare is a Government Program
7.Barack Obama is N


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