Dick Morris Reveals Secret Plan for ObamaCare

it's the keystone/cornerstone of socialism, of course they will.


Dick Morris has learned top Democrats will go to the House with a two-part deal and are planning to implement ObamaCare with the public option and destroy American heath care using "budget reconciliation" to by-pass voters.

Morris has revealed a two part Democratic Deal to Defraud America.

First, the House will pass the Senate ObamaCare bill and Pelosi will not allow amendments or modifications.

Second in secret behind closed doors, Reid and Pelosi have agreed in principle that changes to the Senate bill will be made to satisfy liberal House members - but only after the Senate bill is passed and signed into law by Obama.

Morris continued and said, A Senate source cautions: "Senators more than House members and both more than ordinary people, lie."

The deal is secured by a pledge from Reid and the Senate's Democratic caucus that they will make "fixes" to the Senate bill after it becomes law with Obama's John Hancock.

According to Morris's source, Reid will provide to Pelosi a letter signed by 52 Democratic senators indicating they will pass the major changes, or "fixes," the House Democrats are demanding. Again, these fixes will be approved by the Senate only after Obama signs the Senate bill into law.

Pelosi said "Regardless of Massachusetts, it will happen" and Democrats are continuing to work to reconcile the House and Senate ObamaCare bills and are proceeding to force a through a process called "budget reconciliation," where they only need 51 votes to pass a bill, not 60.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi are still circling and have vowed to continue working on passing a scaled down ObamaCare bill by picking America apart with new taxes, increased healthcare costs and insurance premiums by hiding ObamaCare in future spending bills.

The extreme liberal left believes that ObamaCare has not gone far enough and have produced an internal poll of Massachusetts voters (is it really true?) that shows of the Obama voters who cast a ballot for Brown, nearly half (49%) support the Senate bill or think it does not go far enough. (Liars can figure but figures do not lie as dangerously out of touch extreme left Liberals are still pushing ObamaCare)

Trusted Gallup polls tell the truth and 72% say Brown's election reflects many Americans' frustrations, which the president and members of Congress should pay attention to and Americans widely agree that the election result has national political implications.

In the wake of Republican Scott Brown's victory in Tuesday's U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts, the majority of Americans (55%) favor Congress' putting the brakes on ObamaCare.

Obama Blames "Last Eight Years" for Rejection of His Brand of Change

Obama and the Democrats in Congress must realize they are to blame. They were given power 14 months ago on Nov 4th, 2008 when they told us to vote for the Hope of Change. What we got instead was the Hoax of Chains. The chains of lost freedom, unemployment, reduced security and an increased national debt greater than the gross domestic product of the world.

"...as noted in the Rhodes Cook Letter no other President in the past half-century has seen his Gallup job-approval rating drop as far as Obama's has in his first year (down 21 points), and no president in that same half century has seen his approval rating go up, even as much as 1 point, between the end of his first year and the eve of his first midterm election"
--Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report, January 16, 2010

Obama gives himself a B+ grade for his first year in office. The American people however in Virginia, New Jersey and just yesterday Massachusetts -- have given him an "F". Even Juan Williams of Fox News an Obama supporter gave him an incomplete and said Americans have given him a D. By all measures Obama is on track to be the worst president in American history. He only has himself to blame for his dismal record AMERICA IS BROKE on his watch with:
Record national debt greater than the gross domestic product of the world
Government take over of the auto industry
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Liberal policies
$700 Billion Federal Stimulus
$1.2 Trillion Federal Reserve Rescue
$6.4 Trillion Tax and Spend Budget to Redistribute Wealth
+10% Unemployment