FN-6 Chinese Manpad with Terrorists in Syria

With Qassas Battalion in Deir el Zor. www.liveleak.com/view?i=6f4_1361832740.
Not in SAA arsenal."FN-6 (FN = FeiNu, 飞弩, meaning Flying Crossbow), is a
third generation passive infrared (IR) man portable air defence system
(MANPADS). It was developed by China, and is their most advanced
surface-to-air missile offered in the international market. Specially
designed to engage low flying targets, it has a range of 6 km and a
maximum altitude of 3.5 km. The FN-6 is in service with the People's
Liberation Army (PLA), and has also been exported to Malaysia, Cambodia,
Sudan and Peru. Based on FN-6, China has developed a number of other
MANPADS, such as HN and FY series, as well as other vehicle based short
range air defense systems such as FN and FB series."-en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN-6