Adolf Hitler - First speech as Reich Chancellor in Berlin's Sport Palace 1933-02-10

Gathered from all corners of the internet this is the first time of an attempt to complete and chronologize this first speech of Hitler as Reich chancellor. Even the Nazis cut many things out especially the parts with repetition and verbosity. Video footage was used where it was available. At all times the best free available audio or video stream was used (except History HD color material). Much of the footage comes from historical archives who digitalized it recently and where you can buy it even in HD. However this footage is made with the free preview versions.

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This speech has still lacks of length, video material and maybe chronological order. Also full transcripts in English and German are missing. If you find additional material or if you have better quality versions it would be great if you could share it. If you want to help, you'll find contact here:

If you want, you can help completing the transcript with google docs:
German transcript
English transcript
A version with English subtitles might follow then.

Next project is to complete the speech "Hitler vor Arbeitern der Siemenswerke (11/10/1933)"

00:00 -17:15 Goebbels' introducing
17:15 - 45:32 Hitler speaks about reasons why Hitler movement was possible and gives a personal journey of life
Hitler introducing his political Agenda:
45:32 First point - Reawakening of the German nation / Wiedererweckung der deutschen Nation
47:52 Second point - Autarky of Germany I
48:34 Third point - Autarky of Germany II
49:47 Fourth - No more Class conflicts
50:58 Fifth - Blood and Soil ideology / Blut und Boden
51:42 Sixth - political goal: preservation of the German nation
(He either seems to skip or not to mention points or these parts are missing where he says numbers)
53:40 Eliminating the root causes of decay
59:54 Twelfth - Aryanization of the state
01:01:29 Education of youth - Jugenderziehung
01:04:16 Last plea "Give me four years time" - Schlussappell "Gib uns vier Jahre Zeit!"
Soil of Hitler's agenda:
57:06 First - The German peasant
57:52 Second - The German worker
58:42 Third - Führer principle instead of parliamentary democracy

Known missing parts of the speech: