Venezuela Attack: Pilot Oscar Pérez Last Moments

Two police officers and several "terrorists" have been killed in an operation to capture a helicopter
pilot accused of leading an armed rebellion in Venezuela last year.
Venezuelan forces surrounded a house "cell" linked to pilot Oscar Pérez. It is unclear what became of Mr Pérez. Mr Pérez was wanted after he used a stolen helicopter to throw grenades
at government buildings on 27 June. In footage posted on social media on Monday, Mr Perez said he had offered to turn himself in but that he believed authorities were initially trying to kill him rather
than negotiate his surrender."They're shooting at us with RPGs" "There are civilians inside here. We said we'd turn ourselves in, but they don't want to let us turn ourselves in. They want to kill us," He
then describes how those at the property with him were forced to "crouch down"


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