1,200 Workers Scramble to Convert Above Ground Railway into Subway

An engineering feat, completed in a few hours. Skip to :52 to see how they plan to switch the line to a subway line using the "STRUM" method.

Story from the OP .....
Midnight March 15, 2013, Toyoko the close of business on Shibuya Station ground station building. Along with it, for the start of mutual direct operation of the Toyoko Line and Fukutoshin line from the next morning, attracted attention as a large construction of the century "Toyoko Line underground switching construction" has been performed between Shibuya Station ~ Daikanyama Station. Pattern of the same construction was underground the line in the only overnight is, frequently been featured on television and the web, Japan's technological strength also from not only the world in the country, waste-free movement of construction parties move without a moment of hesitation voice to praise to have been a large number submitted. I can not help but remember the excitement and surprise to the sleight of hand that was successful switching line in just three and a half hours.

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