ISIL prevents Syrian civilians from fleeing fighting in Tal Abyad

A video has emerged showing the ISIL terrorists blocking the civilian population trying to flee fighting in the Syrian border town of Tal Abyad. This as clashes rage on between the Takfiris and Kurdish fighters for control of the city.

The amateur footage shows the terrorists patrolling the area near the border fence to stop anyone from crossing the Turkish border. Meanwhile, Turkish border guards are seen in the video standing by and watching the Takfiri terrorists without taking any action. The ISIL Takfiris have in the past used civilians as human shields and this is seen as another attempt to do so. The fall of Tal Abyad could deal a major blow to the terrorists since the town is a key link between Turkey and the Syrian city of Raqqah. Syrian Kurds have recaptured over two-hundred Kurdish and Christian towns in northeastern Syria since May.