Al-Qaeda In Syria Reports Chemical Attack By Bashar Al-Assad After Witnessing UFO In Sky

Al-Qaeda sees a UFO in the night sky and thinks they are coming under chemical attack by Bashar Al-Assad.

Video 1: Al-Qaeda under 'chemical attack'. The communication system of the terrorists can be heard and they discuss what it is and believe it to be a poisonous chemical attack. The video can be seen at with the title 7 6 2012 هام يعتقد انها مواد سامه على مناطق سوريا meaning "Important: What is believed to be poisonous chemicals over parts of Syria".

Video 2: The speaker on camera in Idlib believes he is seeing a planet. The video is hijacked by a terrorist and posted at with the hilarious title inspite of the speaker ادلب - الريف الجنوبي الغربي اطلاق قنبلة دخانية سامة7-6 meaning "Idlib - the SW countryside. Release of a poisonous smoke bomb 6-7"

Another post at الصاروخ الكيميائي الروسي في سوريا has the title "The Russian chemical rocket in Syria".

The phemomenon was seen in many countries. For example, in Armenia: Spiralling 'Unidentified Flying Object' Crosses Middle East Night Sky- June 7th 2012

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