Syria Media Cover Up - 12 Minutes to Truth - Global Lies

The timeline doesn't lie, and we've known the truth for over a year. It just seems to be proving itself more and more true.

war we're waging against Syria is not what ANYBODY you're hearing is
telling you. This one was driving me crazy so I had to compile the facts
I've been following over the last year. An elephant never forgets, so
don't let yourself get wrapped into all of what Obama or even the
Republican's are saying at this point.

I promise if you just
follow this and read along for 12 minutes, you will know the truth about
Syria, I have the sources listed on my youtube video and I
encourage people to go read every article I used, they're all there at:

For more, check out my youtube channel or !

** I posted this last Saturday, lots of updates but you'll get the situation more after viewing.