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We Are All Related .

Our Primate Cousins. This is a video about human life. For billions of years life has evolved through the evolution process. Species have adapted to change over this long period. Man is the very obvious relative to the very intelligent primate. Just look at their faces and you will be able to pick their nationality. Japanese, African, Chinese, European, Indian, Australian Aboriginals. It is so clear. You just have to open your eyes and realize how much they are us. We are simply them millions of years down the track. As humans our minds are very ignorant and we tend to think that we are so much more special then animals, when in fact we are also animals. Just because we don't share the same language and look identical we discriminate other animals because our minds have evolved in this way.

Humans belong to the taxonomic Order Primates, which is comprised of 11 Families, 52 Genera, &

Added: Oct-20-2008 
By: llSnOwll
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