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Ron Paul on GOP "Things won't Change..."

8/31/08 Ron Paul on America's Election HQ

The situation our country faces is as dangerous as ever. A certain Democratic senator, recently passed over for the Republican vice-presidential nod, is likely to be our next secretary of state. Both major parties remain committed to militarism and reckless spending - and inflationism to fund it all.

At their convention the Democrats uttered barely a peep about the surveillance state, the police state, and the Bush administration's disastrous foreign policy. Needless to say, there was not a word about the Fed and what it's done to our economy. We can only imagine what the GOP Convention will have in store for us.

The Rally for the Republic is the first step in alerting our countrymen to these dangers, and holding out the message of freedom as the only remedy. We must resist the false choices the two major parties are giving us. Help me

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