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Woman slapped store girl in face because her lottery tickets didn't win prize

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[Liberty Times reporter Wu Boxuan / North reports] encounter Austrian customers!

Yesterday, 52-year-old Hou Xing Nvzai to the new Taipei triple a lottery line, holding a bunch of lottery said on the Prize, the 23-year-old man surnamed Chen saleswoman said "yeah!" Hou female suddenly crazy roaring after brushing: how could not! "Lottery crumpled threw clerk, and also to take the table iced coffee spill, even vigorously slapped a slap in the face of a female clerk, the female clerk was beaten somehow spot to ask face tears said:" how will so strange guests, angrily Hou Female harm.

The Hou female cursed ︰ you lie to me

Looks handsome Chen female, to the lottery line five months of work, recalled the incident, although has not gas out, but still feel very aggrieved; She said yesterday nearly at noon 11:45 Fen, Hou female holding a few pieces of this color 539 Lotte

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By: Lake8737
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