Mexico Prison Break by 'El Chapo'.

Billionaire cartel leader Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman began his escape at 8.52pm on Saturday.

He entered the shower block at the high-security prison and, unnoticed by any guards, pried open a 50cm by 50cm grill in the floor of the shower block and climbed 32 feet down a ladder into a tunnel below the prison. From there he used a motorbike that was waiting at the bottom for him to ride through the tunnel to freedom.

The remarkable tunnel was complete with air vents, electric lights, emergency oxygen tanks. Although not a tall man - El Chapo means 'the shorty' in Spanish - the 5ft 6in gang lord was able to make his getaway standing upright in the 5.57 feet-high tunnel. There was even a motorbike fitted to rails inside the tunnel to help remove the tonnes of earth when it was being built.

Neighbours have reported that a team of no more than four men were involved in constructing the tunnel, but the skilled workers stuck to a gruelling schedule of 10 hours a day for almost an entire year.

The engineers were forced to twice change the direction of the tunnel, in order to avoid the most sensitive areas of the prison, located 50 miles outside of Mexico City.

The underground getaway route carved a nearly mile-long path deep below the prison, before opening into a construction site in Santa Juana, hidden inside a ready-made house that was simple and understated.