Mushroom cloud over Damascus

5.5.2013 Damascus, Syria

From Russia Today after the Syrian Military made statements about the attacks;
"Strong blasts have hit the Syrian capital, according to media and eye witness reports. According to state TV a military research center was targeted. It also says that the explosions have been caused by an Israeli rocket attack.The blasts reportedly occurred in the area around Mount Qasioun in Damascus in the early hours of Sunday.

The area hosts a military research center in Jamraya, which came under Israeli attack earlier in January.

The Israeli Air Force conducted an airstrike on Syrian territory on Friday reportedly targeting a shipment of advanced missiles.

Video footage uploaded onto the Internet showed a massive ball of fire rising into the sky. RT could not immediately verify the authenticity of the video."

Please, if you have any video of mushroom clouds like this coming from conventional bombs please share. I count 11/12 secondary explosions.