Robbers hit man with axe,shoot another in arm during robbery

CCTV/News report.:LONDON:A shop worker was attacked by an axe-wielding intruder and another shot in the arm during a robbery at a cash and carry.
Three men armed with an axe, a sledgehammer and a gun burst into Cyprofood fruit and vegetable warehouse in Tariff Road, Tottenham, London,and demanded money from the safe.

When the two workers, who are both Turkish, refused, one was struck on the shoulder with the axe.

He was later taken to hospital suffering from a serious injury but was later released.

The other suffered a minor injury to his arm, caused by a shot fired by one of the suspects.

They made off in a small white van towards Brantwood Road with an undisclosed quantity of cash.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police's Flying Squad at Finchley are appealing for information following the incident at 3.45am on Monday.

The suspects are described as wearing dark clothing, balaclavas and high-visibility jackets.

The incident is virtually identical to a raid at the same business just over a year ago.

On June 2 last year four men burst into the shop and threatened staff with a pistol and an axe before tying them up and escaping with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Two staff members were taken to hospital and later released. No-one was ever arrested over the raid.


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