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Addressing Jews controlling the US media and political will.

Okay I would like to start by saying I AM NOT JEWISH. Troll comments will be deleted meaning if you cannot dispute this with "facts" then save your time I will just delete them and rob you of the attention you need so dearly. I just cannot stand to hear it anymore so I made this knowing that it probably wont do anything but make me feel better so please read the whole thing.

The Picture is a depiction of Shylock from Shakspeares "Merchant Of Venice" one of the first most widely known forms of Jew hatred(I dont like the term anti-semitism) from a man who
admittedly never met one as the English expelled all Jews in 1290. I do enjoy Shakespeare though, I would enjoy Mein Kampf if Hitler wasnt a self absored closet case homosexual sociopath.

First off the jews control the media. Blatant outright lie; there is not ONE single major media outlet or Conglomerate that has a maj


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By: 0311
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