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MN - Art Cunningham discusses Hennepin County Sex offenders


I wish people would stop using sex offender, predator, child molester and pedophile as if they all mean the same thing, they are not.

See the attached links to see the Wikipedia articles on the terms. And I am not assuming Wikipedia is the best place to find the definitions of these terms.

Wikipedia - Sex Offender

Wikipedia - Sexual Predator

Wikipedia - Child Molestation

Wikipedia - Pedophile

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By: SexOffenderIssues
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  • I helped put one behind bars once.

    All those terms apply to him. (Sexually involved with his 8 year old daughter, bringing up his four year old SON, who had cerebral palsy, as a GIRL, DIY home abortion, and photographing kids outside a local school, oh and kidnap. - of his own children from a children's home.)

    Then he was silly enough to knock on my door.

    Posted Apr-24-2009 By 

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  • Different terms in meaning perhaps, but interchangeable terms in the mind's of those who percieve each in disgust. Personally, I favor and supported the recent attempt in my state to assign the death penalty to the more agregious offences against children.

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    • Comment of user 'Nurb' has been deleted by author (after account deletion)!
    • yea thats bullshit, when i graduated HS, there was a streaker...we all they would be on that list...a damn shame to put them in the same category as a child rapist

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  • Thanks for the work you do, i was surprised you allowed comments, some how i always thought your post with out comments made you the smartest poster on this web site. it meant to me your desire to publish the information with out fan fare or discussion.

    i am sorry for what happen to you, and glad you have found away to channel it.

    Thanks for everything you do.

    Posted Apr-24-2009 By 

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