How to wake up a kid - ( Breed- Nirvana )

How to wake up a sleeping kid.
Only 3 years old!
For all you commentators and viewers, just to clarify a few things about this video.
This is my half little brother and she is my sister. My mother married a BIG Viking :) So brother looks a little more than 3 years.
The last time we woke him up in the car, he got so grumpy and cranky. And since he loves this kind of music we just had to try a new method. I think there are parents that can recognize this scene.
He is half Norwegian and half Chilean.

Negative or posetive comments, I think it's fun to read them, we are all so different:)
The language you hear is from Trondheim dialect Norway and Spanish.

Thanks for your attention!

Ps. seat belt is our fault :/
He wakes up playing the drums in his sleep. Very funny!
Eventyrlig måte å våkne opp til Nirvana musikk.