South African pastor makes members drink petrol/gas Freak Show ensues

FREAKSHOW Starts @ 1:34 for you impatient bastards

Pretoria pastor Lesego Daniel ropes in congregants to support his claims that he can turn petrol into pineapple juice.

Believers are now taking their faith to another level by drinking petrol to “connect to God”.

In January this year, Pastor Lesego Daniel made members of his church eat grass for the same reason.

At the time he reportedly told his congregation that eating grass would rid them of their sins and heal them of any ailments they may have had.

In a video posted online, the Pretoria-based pastor claims to turn petrol into pineapple juice.

His “miraculous” power is demonstrated in front of the congregation, with one of the church members pouring petrol into a basin and igniting it to prove that it’s flammable.
What is apparently the same fluid is then drunk in front of the congregation, with spectators shouting “hallelujah”.

After drinking the “petrol turned pineapple juice”, the demonstrator was asked by the pastor how he felt, and in response he coughed before saying: “It has lot of fumes but I don’t have any side effects”.

Daniel commended the church member who demonstrated this “miracle” by saying, “You are a man of faith”.

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