Hello Ladies and Gents.

It’s been one hell of few weeks around the ME recently, hasn’t it?

Let’s take a quick look at the recent events and their consequences in Syria and the whole region.

******I have some very crucial info and analysis that I like to share with you.********

1st of all we must realize that the realignment and repositioning of US and NATO in the Middle-East is of paramount Importance, in reality this realignment is historical and earth moving and a complete game changer from Morocco to China and beyond.

I predicted an accord between Iran and US last year and I knew it was done and coming so I won’t make too much of that.

After decades of American unquestioned support for the likes of the Saudi house of horrors and their cronies in the Persian Gulf, finally the Americans have come to realize these fiefdoms are nothing but endless liabilities with nothing but crash and burn as their fate.

The Turks, Saudis, Israelis and their cronies tried all they could short of a direct attack on Iran to put an end to the US/NATO turnaround in the region. Turkey got directly involved by attacking and occupying Idlib in the North West, they got directly involved in an assault on Aleppo and north east, their main purpose of these assaults were to pressure Iran to react in some sort of irrational manor to foil the negotiations. They failed, yes the Turks managed to occupy Idlib but in any war forward and backwards movements are normal.

The Israelis and the Saudi people-eaters, brought pressure to bear in the South, they failed as well; they managed to make some advances but nothing major. The conduit for the Southern front is Jordan, I reported to you to watch for a Jordanian turn around in this war months ago, in retaliation to the Jordanian aggression, Iraq has closed her border shut with Jordan effectively stopping all trade from Jordan (Iraq was and is the biggest outlet of Jordanian trade). This will cause huge consequences for the midget king. Jordan is in a no win situation, their options are few and getting smaller by the day. They will turn around, you’ll see.

The Wahhabi kings of house of death, are committing one mistake after another, their folly in Yemen regardless of the outcome is an expensive losing proposition. If they succeed in removing the Houthis from power they are left with a destitute populace in Yemen that the Saudis are responsible to feed and rebuild. If they fail to dislodge the Houthis, they will be even more ridiculed and they end up with insecure borders for decades plus a very disappointed population. The Saudis no matter what happens are the losers.

****What I’m about to tell you comes from very reliable sources.******

Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Kurds have come to an agreement, with the blessing of the US, you might not like this, but this agreement is for an autonomous northern Kurdish region stretching from Northern Iraq all the way to Northern Syria. This will not be an independent Kurdish state as that is not acceptable by the Turks. But an autonomous Kurdish region such as it already exists. In this deal, Iran will have unfettered right to transport and trade with Syria, Lebanon and Mediterranean coast. In return the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrians will guaranty the Kurdish security against the Turks or others.
In the so called Nuclear negotiations as I reported to you months ago, the biggest sticking point was the fate of Syria and Hezbollah all the time.
Eventually the Americans came to see that their so called allies have weakened their hand by supporting the Wahhabi killers that they have no choice but to allow the resistance forces to defeat and clear this menace of Jihadi army of the Saudi making.
In page 93 of the agreement between Iran and the West,, stipulates removal of all sanctions against all high ranking officers of the Revolutionary guards, including General Qassem Soliemani of the Qods forces. This is to facilitate unencumbered access to them, anywhere in the region.

Ok, sorry for such a long post but to finalize here is my assessment of what is about to take place in the region. Iran has delivered around 5000 well trained fighters to Syria another 20000 to 45000 (these numbers are kept very secret) are available if and when needed in Syria or Iraq, these forces have already made huge contributions in Homs, the South and around Aleppo. Iran has extended another billion dollars in credits to the Syrian government, with more coming as needed.

Iraq and Syria have already agreed in combining, strategizing and coordinating their war effort.
Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria is winding down; you will see less and less HZ soldiers in Syria after the complete sealing of the Lebanese border.
Jordan is the lynchpin of the Damascus and southern fronts, they will close their borders or life will get more and more difficult for them.

A couple weeks ago the Jordanians announced a plot for an attack by some Iranian agent. It maybe a total lie, but it could be a stern warning. Interesting point was total silence of western media. That denotes agreement or coordination. That must be seen as another warning to the king. We’ll see.

Israelis and the Turks have been told that they need to abide by the new rules on the ground, how they respond remains to be seen.
The resistance will not be satisfied with anything but the total defeat of the house of Saud. The dark kingdom knows it, so we will see what other mistake they will commit. And committing mistakes is in DNA.

The big winners of the accord between Iran and the so called P5+1 are, Syria, Iraq the Kurds and Iranian economy. The biggest losers are the Saudi, Jordanians, the Turks and their demented Wahhabi army of cannibals.
Things are looking up on every front.


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