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Hello world! This is my first post but it is utmost important so please continue reading!
I have spent a great deal of time watching the newsreports from the papers around the world concerning Bin Ladens death and I've watched all the pressconferences from the White House and what strikes me as very very strange is that I haven't seen or heard one journalist asking the utmost important question to the spokesperson at the White House that I would have asked if I had been there and that is: "If the photos of Bin Laden soaked in blood with a bullet through his head and a bullet through his chest is to gruesome to show the world, then why don't you show the photo of Bin Laden washed clean and prepared for burial according to muslim traditions with no blood placed on a white linen?"
And if the bullethole through his head was to graphically violent so why don't just take a piece of cloth and c

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