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Father Died in Attmpt to Save Other's Child

while his own daughter (dressed in white, fell into water when she tried to pull the child out) was still in the icey water, who later was rescued by others. Sadly he and the child he tried to rescue didn't make it and both were dead when more people came and pulled them out of the water.

14:17 Daughter(A) and the other kid(B) went to play on ice. That kid(B) fell into water first. Daughter(A) tried to pull the child(B) out but she herself also fell into water.

Another kid(C) threw a rope to daughter(A). She made it to the edge of ice but couldn't climb up.

Father(D) heard them crying and came to rescue. He saw his daughter(A) holding the edge of ice while B was still struggling in the middle of the water so he jumped into the water to rescue B first.

14:36, A man came to the [url=javascript://]More..[/url] scene and pulled A out of water.

14:47, More people came. But Both

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