“Filthy Jew,” “Shitty K*ke,” shout two Muslim Women

Was uploaded yesterday on YouTube by JudenTuben, but quickly deleted by YouTube censors. I'm reuploading it here the permission from JudenTuben:

"At a coffee shop. Everyone is relaxed. This atheist guy (with a full beard) decides it's safe to discuss the islamic veil with the two muslim women. Big mistake... He starts filming... They instantly start yelling, throwing things at him, then they start physically beating him, call him filthy jew, shitty kike race, etc. But it's not over. Beyond the video, outside, they jump on him, throw him on the ground, start savagely beating him. A bunch of respectable muslims, family men and women are standing all around, watching, and encouraging them to beat up the dirty jew, yelling at him with their eyes popping out while he is on the ground being pounded, screaming at him to return to israel. He was lucky to get out of it with just bumps and bruises, they could've seriously hurt him. The poor guy was scared as hell."

"AuTim Hortons sur Plamondon. Alors le gars athée (avec une grosse barbe) veux discuter calmement à propos du voile islamique. La réaction est réellement surprenante. Il commence a les filmer. Ces deux musulmanes tout de suit se jettent sur lui comme de vrais animaux. Deux femmes.
Elles lui ont sauvagement agressé, le traitent de "sale juif de merde", "sale race juive", etc . C'est pas fini. Après, en dehors de vidéo elles l'ont sauté, jette par terre et commence a le battre, lui volent son téléphone et son sac. Une foule de musulmans a l'air respectueux tout au tour leurs encourage, le traite de sale juif terroriste, lui recommandent de retourner en Israël... le gars est chanceux a s'en sortir avec que des égratignures, il a failli de se faire gravement blesser."