A Muslim hits the Jesus cross in St. Marein, Austria

Youths witnessed a black man near a school in front of the ministry in St. Marein, Austria, who tried to push over the large Jesus Cross.
When he did not succeed, he tore wind organ pipes from their anchoring and beat the cross with them. The man, whom police later identified as a 37-year old from the district of Weiz“ (Steiermark) also damaged several flower pots and smashed both wings of the glass door of the ministry, before the officers were able to detain the raging man.

Damage is estimated around 15,000 Euro. The authorities’ usual diagnosis: “mentally ill“. Just like countless other allegedly mentally ill people, he admitted to a hospital.


By: stainless111 (4438.30)

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Location: 8641 Sankt Marein im Mürztal, Austria