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The human genome is old news. Next stop: the human proteome

The initial plans for an ambitious effort to begin mapping the complete human proteome: the set of all human proteins expressed in all of our cells at all points during our development and adult life.

This is a project of vastly greater magnitude and complexity than the sequencing of the human genome. Unlike the genome, which remains essentially static between cell types and over time, the proteome is tremendously dynamic, changing constantly in response to cell-cell signalling and environmental stimuli. Thus even though -with some small exceptions - every cell in your body carries the same genome, the proteome can be wildly different between different tissues and can change rapidly over time (the image on the left is the result of proteomic analysis of a single tissue, the human kidney; each spot represents one protein). In addition, the function of proteins can change depending on w


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By: ChunkyDiaperJesus
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