Quicker on the draw....liquor store owner shoots robber

CCTV:Nov 15/08:COBB COUNTY, Ga.Watch as this store owner shoots before the robber gets his gun up. Cobb County police said they are on the lookout for a man who tried to rob a liquor store with a handgun but ended up being outdrawn by the store’s owner.

The owner said he shot the robber in the side, but so far police don’t know who he is or where he is.

Police said it was after dark when a hooded man sauntered up to the counter at Windy Hill Package store pretending to want to buy something but instead flashing a handgun.

The robber then slid the handgun back into his waistband and the owner calmly slid the purchase into a bag, placed it on the counter with his left hand, and then went for his own handgun with his right.

When the robber grabbed for his gun again, the store owner fired first, seemingly hitting the man under the arm.

The robber could be seen on surveillance tape staggering out. The pistol-packing liquor store owner and a customer in the store went outside to the see the man limping off.

Police said the video shows the store owner fired once and the robber did not get off a shot. The man appeared to have been hit on the right side.

If he was shot, police said it may have ended tragically for the robber. Cobb County police have checked local hospitals but are hoping someone who sees the video will identify the possibly wounded man and give them a call.