Lockheed demonstration ends with crash

TIOGA COUNTY, N.Y. – Lockheed Martin touted it as the media's chance to get an up close look at their latest military vehicle. But it turned out far differently than anyone planned.

It was a showcase for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle being developed for the Army and Marines. The truck just surpassed the important threshold of 50,000 test miles, including 2,000 miles a week of rigorous secondary and off-road testing at Lockheed's Owego track.

"All of these trucks are expeditionary. That means they can go aboard an expeditionary ship like the humvees do today,” said Louis DeSantis, Vice President of JLTD Systems.”The speed, the spec is 74 miles per hour. These will exceed the specifications fully armored at 24,000 pounds and I will tell you, very hard to tip over."

After the interviews, reporters were invited to take the vehicle for a test drive on the cross-country track. News 10 Now reporter Neil St. Clair was third to go behind the driver seat, with one of our photographers in the passenger seat and a Lockheed Martin test driver in the back. As Neil came off a hill and rounded a curve, the test drive went terribly wrong. The truck flipped over and was damaged.

We are thankful that our crew and the Lockheed Martin employee walked away from the crash with only minor injuries.

Lockheed Martin says they have begun an incident review as a result of the crash.
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