Turkey: Silence is audible in Taksim as Gezi park receives face-lift

Istanbul Municipality began reconstruction work in Gezi park on Thursday in order to re-open the space to the public. A new playground was installed and fresh grass has been laid, along with new flower beds.
Meanwhile a silent protest which began on Monday continues in Taksim square. The new expression of political opposition was inspired by the 'standing man' who stood unmoving and silent in the square for hours on Monday night. Despite Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan "approving" of the protest, the leader has called the protesters of the Occupy Gezi movement "terrorists supported by foreign powers".
Gezi Park and Taksim Square were the centre of recent clashes between police and protesters who occupied the park for 20 days turning it into a home for some. Police stormed the park and forced all protesters out on Saturday June 15.
The protests began on May 28 in opposition to construction work to replace the park with a shopping centre. The small protest led to violent clashes erupting across the country after police fired teargas and water cannon at the protesters.