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China Manufacturing Fake Eggs Made Of Plastic & Sold As Real Ones

CHINA (East Asia) Fake eggs made of waste plastic leftovers from factories are becoming a nuissance as citizens try to fry them and they smell and burn like plastic. Citizen, surnamed Wang, in Yantai City, Shangdong Province disclosed to the reporters that he recently bought fake eggs from the market.

Wang said, two days ago he purchased 1 kg of eggs in a shop at the residential community where he lives, and found that three fake eggs were mixed in them. When Wang wanted to break the eggsto cook, he noticed an egg was hard like a rock. The egg’s albumen has solidified and the color appeared yellow too, after he broke the egg.

Wang tried to cook it too to see how it would turn. In over 20 minutes cooking, the yolk of the egg became very flexible and it could bounce to 20 cm high when it was dropped to the ground.



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