Western Government Backed White Helmets Enjoy An Allah-Akbar Fest With al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) Terrorists

Video pretty much speaks for itself. The US government State Department spokesperson Mark Toner is on record as stating that the US supplies the White Helmets with $23 million through the USAID program. They also receive close to $100 million from the UK, France, Japan and the Soros Foundation. The British media have also recently petitioned for them to receive a Nobel Peace prize while Netflix has turned them into angels in a new documentary and the French government just awarded their leader and gave him a standing ovation. Allah-Akbar Hebdo Charlie. Now everyone decorate your Facebook page in rainbows and Eiffel Towers.


By: californiastars (572.60)

Tags: White Helmets, terrorists, Aleppo, USAID, western aid, France, UK collusion

Location: Aleppo, Syria