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We are the Terrorists !!!!!

As I tried to sleep yesterday , a lot of things crossed my mind , I couldn't sleep , as these ideas haunted my head . Why the honest good people can do nothing to stop terrorism ? why can't we live in our country? Why I'm the Last of The Iraqis in Iraq? No one is left in Iraq ? most of the people I know have fled out of it , and the ones that haven't , will leave Iraq very soon . Why the Iraqi families are so scattered ?each one in a country? Why the good Iraqis have traveled to the neighboring countries taking with them all the money they have, to live there without a job , what will happen when they finish what they have? I remember what the Maliki have said a few days ago that the security plan is working very well , and that the terrorists are escaping to the neighboring countries!!! And I smiled , now I know that he is not lying , because we are the terrorists in his perspective , w


Added: Dec-22-2007 
By: Qaiss
Iraq, Iran, Middle East
Tags: We, are, the, Terrorists, !!!!!
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