We are the Terrorists !!!!!

As I tried to sleep yesterday , a lot of things crossed my mind , I couldn't sleep , as these ideas haunted my head . Why the honest good people can do nothing to stop terrorism ? why can't we live in our country? Why I'm the Last of The Iraqis in Iraq? No one is left in Iraq ? most of the people I know have fled out of it , and the ones that haven't , will leave Iraq very soon . Why the Iraqi families are so scattered ?each one in a country? Why the good Iraqis have traveled to the neighboring countries taking with them all the money they have, to live there without a job , what will happen when they finish what they have? I remember what the Maliki have said a few days ago that the security plan is working very well , and that the terrorists are escaping to the neighboring countries!!! And I smiled , now I know that he is not lying , because we are the terrorists in his perspective , we are the terrorists in his eyes , we who don't belong to any party or militia , we who love our country and loyal to it not to Iran , we who spent our lives serving our country and it's people , we who have brains not a grenade in our skull , we are the terrorists in Maliki's eye , and when I say Al-Maliki I don't mean that he is the only one , I refer to the corrupted sectarian High officials ( who are the majority ) , it's not our country anymore , we are not welcome in it , we can't go anywhere without thinking all the way what will we say if we were stopped by a militia check-point ?or even a police or national guard check-point? What will I tell them ? I remember the first day I came back from Amman to Baghdad , when a police checkpoint stopped the car I'm in and asked me , where are you heading? I didn't know the tricks to survive in Iraq , In a na?ve way , I told him I'm going to Adhamyia!! He immediately told me :"Only god will save you from me today" , then thanks to the driver who managed to convince him to take money and leave us , the police man asked for my purse , I gave it to him , he took all the money in it (30$) and told me , thank your wife for her crying because she saved your life!!! I was so scared that time so as I reached home , I didn't go out for one week.And as the thought of Iraq is not our country anymore lingers in my mind , I remembered many incidents, I think they worth mentioning , I remember my father, who is a fellow of the royal college of England and who had great chances to stay there and work , but he didn't he got back to Iraq because he wanted to serve his country as he says , he is a consultant physician , and as the Iraqi ministry of health became so corrupted and sectarian after the war he wanted to be transferred to the ministry of higher-education as it's less sectarian, so when he met the deputy minister and asked him , he smiled and answered him with only these words:"Your time has gone , it's enough for you Sunnis , your request is rejected" I remember my father that day , he was really in pain , I have never seen my father like this before , I remember one line :"That ignorant called me Sunni , what can we expect from a government like this , I have served the Iraqi people Sunni and Shiites all my life , the man is judged these days by his sect not the knowledge he have" and as his fellow doctors nominated him to be a chairman , we were threatened the next day by both sects!!! What I want to say is that , the government and the Terrorists doesn't want us to be in Iraq , they want Iraq to be populated by the ignorant , In the government's eyes we are the bad guys , we should be expelled . The story of my father in-law who is a great scientist , he received a global award from a gulf country few months ago for his research , after that he was threatened by the gate-keepers who belongs to the police (and Al-Mahdi army) in the ministry of oil (that's where he works) so he quit work now and will leave Iraq very soon , I can't describe the sadness he have, and as I talk about the corrupted government I should mention that in the clinic I work in , there has been no gas for the generator for 6 days now!! So we are unable to do anything for the poor patients as it's a charity clinic for the government , and we have no anesthesia either since I started blogging , thanks to an Turki friend and a reader of my blog who has sent anesthesia and some dental supplies that helped a lot , before that we (the dentists) were buying it ourselves , I don't know what will happen when the anesthesia run out , we have great shortage in materials , what is the ministry busy with , sectarian elimination!? Robbing Iraq? Counting the number of dead bodies everyday to congratulate the ministry of anterior for it's success in the sectarian elimination? And the working of the security plan? And the great achievements of the Iraqi government for the expelling and killing of Iraqi scientist and doctors , I think they are busy with all these things.


By: Qaiss (98.54)

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