Striptease on the air!

An investigation has been launched after a video of a topless French air stewardess performing a sexy striptease for the captain while the plane was flying was leaked on to the internet.

Despite the plane being in the air - and with several hundred passengers presumably blissfully unaware of what is going on - the sexy cabin attendant removes her bra and lets the captain and co-pilot get hands on.

The video was leaked onto the internet by members of the French crew and has sparked a major probe at several European airlines to discover the crew members responsible.

In the video, which lasts a little over two minutes, the stewardess, who even appears to be wearing a wedding ring, first performs a sexy striptease for the captain.

She then removes her bra and the captain fondles and gropes the stewardess as he grins at the camera.

Casting 'come-hither' looks at the camera, the pretty crew member at one stage even lifts her skirt to show her underwear to the crew.

The plane was allegedly on a short-haul trip to London.