Unnecessary Police Violence at 4/20 Protest, London Hyde Park

I am not connected with any of the people talking throughout the video, I was just a mildly-baked bystander filming what needs to be filmed, and do not represent any movements such as Anonymous, except maybe the www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/ and it's associated documentary www.zeitgeistmovie.com/.

For photos taken leading up to this events in this video and other photos from throughout the day postimg.org/gallery/3t8u61r8/77c9d557/postimg.org/gallery/3t You may see there were literally thousands more people in attendance than the "dozens" the Daily Mail chose to tell its readers.

This man was arrested, as far as I could tell, for protesting and holding a sign. Two police officers initially held both of his arms as they escorted him away, then he made a break for it and more and more police joined in, eventually crushing him to the floor with the force of three or four officers.

My phone ran out of battery at the end, however afterwards another officer nonchalantly commented that he liked my phone case, whilst I was filming one of his mates manhandle a fellow human being into submission. My immediate reaction was to tell him to fuck off, to which he attempted to arrest me for swearing! Obviously this power-hungry individual gets some sort of pleasure from lying about the law in his attempts to rile up more protesters.