BREAKING NEWS - Croatia open border with Serbia - Another 58.000 refugees continue their journey to europe

On Twitter profile government Croatian government announced that the border crossings Bajakova Tovarnik "open to all traffic, without any limitations."

According to reports of the reporters of "Blic" from the scene, the border crossing is really open, and cars passed smoothly and with Serbian and Croatian side of the border.

They started the final and trucks, which the Serbian side of the border over the past few days formed a kilometer long column. Our reporters also appear to exceed the limit of smaller passenger vehicles.

?? In 17 hours the izrvšena Enable the border. All cars regardless of registration can enter Croatia ??, said Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic.

He noted that the reduced pressure of refugees coming from Serbia, and that so far entered Croatia 60,000 people, and this morning the figure was 58,000.

This information was confirmed by Border Police of Serbia and the Automobile Association of Serbia.

Previously, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, Johannes Hahn in Belgrade urged the Croatian authorities to open the border.

Government of Serbia tonight made the decision on abrogation of countermeasures taken against Croatia after the country blocked the border to Serbia.

The decision of the Government of Serbia shall enter into force immediately and from now trucks and goods from Croatian will be at the usual procedure to enter Serbia.

As stated, the session will be open to the media.

According to "Blic", the entire mechanism for revocation decision to block the border, which came into force nine days ago, a further week during the day, after Milanovic spoke by telephone with EU High representatives Federica Mogherini.

- It was agreed, implemented all the necessary procedures, waited literally just Milanovic's signature.

Police officers at the crossing Tovarnik said Tanjugovoj team that they received information about the opening of the border crossing from the direction towards the Croatian and Serbia "and that they are now waiting for approval."

And Croatian Vecernji List published on its website the information.

Earlier today, Zoran Milanovic, said that intensive talks with aides to today or tomorrow repeal measures on the border with Serbia.

Serbian prime minister: In 21:00h we will open borders

The prime ministers of Serbia and Croatian guests in the news of public service Croatian and Serbia. Aleksandar Vucic HRT said that in the 21 hours Serbia open border.

"That's our job, it is our promise. Croatian citizens are welcome in our country, we are not forcing anyone to go out of the car and walks across the border. I believe that more nobody will mind that violates agreements. Official decision in 21 hours and we'll open the border, "he told HRT.

He said that Serbia does not deal with refugees.

Asked whether Serbia has abated and other corridors have shifted towards refugees and Horgos, as usual explanation strokes Croatian officials to open the border because it is "reduced pressure of refugees from Serbia," Vucic said that was not true and that no new corridors Do not exist.

"If some people find it easier to find an honorable way out for themselves so that justice is some new routes in Serbia, it does not exist, but I have no problem with that. It is not true that we were refugees released to Horgos. The refugees receive in Presevo and take them in-house people come to Belgrade and from there choose their own route, "said Vucic.

The Serbian Prime Minister said that Serbia has received more refugees than Croatia and Hungary.

"None that there is no hidden agenda. This is all nonsense," Vucic said.

Milanovic RTS: I did not say that Serbs are barbarians!

Asked what he meant by us- yesterday word barbarians, Milanovic said that Hungary real wall to the barbarians, "as Orban and society barbarians perceived the Arabs."

"I did not say that Serbs are barbarians. You are misunderstood, bad've interpreted. You misquoted me. I said that Hungarians build a wall for the barbarians. Serbs are not barbarians, but Orban and society is south of them are considered barbarians," he said Milanovic.

We have introduced a measure against all, on the border stood and Croatian trucks. The measures that we have introduced are not discriminatory, says Milanovic.

Majority of this refugees enter in Croatia from Serbia, they are mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya tnd they passing on the route trough Balkan peninsula into a heart of europe (Germany, France, UK / England, Sweden etc.).